April 15, 2024
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Tsvetina Petkova Services

Who am I?

I am a psychologist and civil rights lawyer, who have been practicing psychology (as it turned out) all my life.

In the meantime between 2013-2015 I was travelling all around the world as a flight attendant, living in Dubai. Once I realized and reevaluated what heritage and resources I do have in my homeland – Bulgaria, in 2015 I was back here. 2 years later, while I continued lawyering (my word, yes), I’ve discovered that I want to change my lifestyle once again and to be closer to Nature. Thus I established Nomadic UnityHub Foundation and started building the community around ZeLLin House – my all time favourite grandparents villa in my hometown – Botevgrad  (only 40 mins ride from our capital Sofia).

6 years later, after meeting and dealing with various individuals, teams, organizations and partners, I am more than fascinated to present myself as a natural and passionate psychologist.

Now that ZeLLin House is all set and ready, I do individual and group sessions related to personal development, career orientation and relationship matters.

I would be more than happy to navigate you through your journey and to share our community vibe with you in a cosy and home-feel ambience at ZeLLin House.

You can find me on facebook – Tsvetina Petkova https://www.facebook.com/tsvetina.petkova.9 or send me an email – petkovatsvetina6@gmail.com


  1. Individual sessions on career orientation and relationship dynamics – in ZeLLin House or online
  2. Team sessions and practices in ZeLLin House (or elsewhere) on career path and team relations
  3. Psychological and Legal consultations on starting a business

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